Launch Event for First Bitcoin ATM at Swansea
March 26, 2015

The new Satoshi Point Bitcoin ATM has arrived at Swansea, South Wales and it was a great launch event for what is the first Bitcoin ATM in the Swansea area! It is located at Cafe Nisse which is run by the friendly Tino Dzaro who also has an interest in the latest technology. I was given a tour of TechHub which is located directly above and it was exciting to see an environment where tech entrepreneurs and startups can gather in Swansea and work and socialise. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the place and I am glad to see an environment that is helping to create opportunities in the Swansea area.

It was great to meet Hassan Khoshtaghaza (Managing Director of Satoshi Point) and his friend Robert Olsen. They both have a massive enthusiasm for Bitcoin and are really helping to push adoption and understanding in this technology. I feel that a Bitcoin ATM will help to push adoption in the local area and allow people to experiment with this young and exciting cryptocurrency. Overall it was an exciting day and the ATM could not be placed at a better location.

In terms of using the ATM itself, it was a breeze to use and only took a few clicks on screen whilst following the instructions to purchase or sell Bitcoin. It is a two-way machine where you can both purchase and sell. I tested both functions and am glad to report that they work well. You may very well see me running there to sell some Bitcoin when the price goes to the moon! Below are some photos I took of the event in what may be my new favourite coffee shop!

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