To B⃦ or not to Ƀ? You decide!
August 29, 2015

The aim of this post is to decide on whether we stick to the original B⃦ logo or adopt to the new Ƀ symbol. Obviously there is no official logo or symbol for Bitcoin as it is a decentralised technology with no official body in place to make such decisions. We at Bitcoin Wales want our community to decide on which is adopted. The Bitcoin logo we use now can be seen below in our own logo with the welsh dragon.

The original Bitcoin logo has first-mover advantage and is widely used and recognised. We have had concerns about changing from an already successful and widely adopted logo. But on the other hand this is a logo and not a symbol that is recognised by the Unicode Consortium.

So this leaves us with two decisions, adopt to a recognised unicode symbol or remain with the original logo and potentially wait for a formal proposal to add the character to the Unicode standard.

This is a debate that is comprehensively covered and resources for and against can be found below for more reading:-


Which do we choose for our logo below?

Bitcoin logo vs symbol
Bitcoin logo vs symbol


This is our existing logo depicting the Welsh dragon holding the current Bitcoin logo. To B⃦ or not to Ƀ? You decide!

Official Bitcoin Wales Logo
Official Bitcoin Wales Logo

Please vote by following this link

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    1. WOW, the bitcoin community spoke

      ” Bitcoin Wales should remain with the original B⃦ logo 45 votes (47.9%)
      Bitcoin Wales should adopt to the unicode Ƀ symbol 51 votes (54.3%) ”

      Great to see we’re in good company

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