Bitfortip: a First-Rate Service for those who have Questions
November 21, 2015

I have mentioned many times about the need for new services and innovations in order to convince the masses that Bitcoin is a useful asset and currency to own. There have been many new services cropping up over the last year and I am pleased to announce Bitfortip. Bitfortip uses an attractive currency to deliver an attractive service.

What is Bitfortip? Quite simply, Bitfortip is a website that allows you to find better deals for the products you need. This is done by simply depositing a small amount of Bitcoin with Bitfortip and asking a question about finding a great deal for the product you want. The person who finds the best deal is rewarded with the best cryptocurrency to own.

It is a very simple process that took me about 2 minutes to complete. You simply create your question with as much detail about what you require, upload a photo to help those who are searching for you and simply kick back and wait for the answers to come in. Simple!

The person with the best result is then rewarded with Bitcoin. Again simple! As an example I have a question that I posted myself. I simply asked “Can you find me the cheapest copy of Call of Duty Black OPS 3 for PS4 on disc.” and uploaded a photo of the game so that there was no confusion as to what I was on about and then sat back with a coffee in hand as I waited for the answers to come in.


cheapest place for COD
I sat back with a coffee in hand as I waited for the answers to come in…


And come in they did! I had 12 answers within a day. Now obviously some answers were completely irrelevant to the question as they were prices returned in dollars and as I live in Wales that is not really the currency of choice for me. But again communication is key and I forgot to mention that I needed prices in pound sterling or BTC. This is why you must be descriptive! The more detail you provide to the people finding the answer the less room there is for error.

This was not a problem as I still had some returns in pound sterling and an impressive 12 answers were returned to my question. Once you have your given answer you simply click the ‘Mark answer as correct’ and your job is done. Easy peasy!


correct answer
Reward the hard work of others with a micropayment. Simple!


I can see this service being a great help to those who are lazy or those who are trying to double check a great deal and want to clarify it for a small fee. The reward for the answer that I gave was at 0.001622BTC which at time of writing equates to 0.35 pounds or 0.53 dollars for our American cousins. You could also use this service to find the correct answer to an obscure problem or question that you may have. The bigger the reward the higher the incentive for a good answer.

I am a very frugal person and am usually aware of the best deals by scouring the internet and looking at deal websites on a daily basis to find the best price for the goods that I want. The Call of Duty game question mentioned above did not return any prices that I was not aware of but my other two questions did return results that were of great help to me. My next question is Christmas related as I am currently looking for presents for family members and my final question is relating to something I purchase once a year for myself.


Bitfortip question for candles
Use the best currency to receive the best service


My next question was ‘Can you find me a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles in large size. I am looking for something at £10 or less.’. I asked this as I wish to purchase two scented candles for my two grandmothers for Christmas. The following result was returned which is a good price for a large scented candle with six glowing reviews about its quality and aroma from a top notch retailer based here in the UK. It also comes in a presentation box which a Yankee candle does not and perceived quality was important for me as I do not want to look like a cheapskate. The cheapest I could find for a large Yankee candle is £14.99 and this alternative is £9.50 which for me is a saving of £5.49.

My final question was relating to 5kg of Protein powder for myself and again a great result was returned with a deal that I was not aware of. My usual source of protein powder is charging £57.19 for 5kg of Vanilla whey but the answer to my question returned a price of £29.90 which is a colossal saving over my usual provider of protein goodness! That is a £27.29 saving for one bag and I usually order two bags which is a saving of £54.58 in all! That is a lot of money saved for one transaction and just shows the importance of not assuming that you are aware of all of the best deals.

My total savings come to £10.98 for the quality candles found at M&S and £54.58 for the protein powder goodness which in all adds up to a £65.56 saving. If you could make savings like that with many transactions over a year you are looking at a lot of money saved and to say that I am impressed with Bitfortip is an understatement.

In all I spent £1.39 for answers that saved me £65.56. I will certainly use this service again for many medium to large purchases that I make over the year and expect to save hundreds of pounds in the long term. It just goes to show that there are many legitimate uses for Bitcoin and it isn’t just a fringe currency used for fringe purposes and black market goods.

Bitcoin allowed me to make micropayments to people and in return I received answers that allowed me to save tens of pounds in minutes. I can not see how I could make micropayments like this with a traditional banking service. It literally took me minutes to post these questions and the results saved me almost a day’s wage. Not bad at all!

I had a legitimate use for Bitcoin with a legitimate service and the results are very impressive. I tip my hat to Bitfortip and it was a great experience to use an attractive currency to receive an equally attractive service.

(Featured image by DuMont Television/Rosen Studios)

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    1. The problem is that when most people see this on a webpage they’re not going to go through the trouble of setting up a account or page, and by the time their BTC comes through they will have forgotten about the use case that brought them there.

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