Bitcoin is Freedom
March 11, 2015

As time marches on and technology progresses at an astonishing rate, we find ourselves with more freedom. Freedom to do the things that we want and more spare time on our hands to take part in the leisure pursuits that we enjoy. We live in the mechanisation of a modern world where its heart beats to the rhythm of jet planes that fly above and billions of cars that rev along all day.

For those of us who live in a 1st world country, we have had these luxuries for many decades and they seem trivial to us now. But these machines have given us great opportunities to travel for leisure or work and achieve more in less time. They have allowed us to become more connected and make the world a much smaller place. In centuries gone, the masses would have not wandered past their local area but today we can travel physically to any location in a couple of days or less. Transport has allowed for many opportunities in the world of trade and commerce and made us richer and more able. Able to be free!

It only seems logical then that the exchange of information would become modernised, which led to the Internet as we know it. Even faster than physical transport it has allowed us to share vast amounts of knowledge on a global scale. The instant exchange of information has allowed us to share our thoughts and ideas and create new worlds that exist digitally where the rules of the physical world do not apply. No longer is a printing press, TV crew, or radio station needed for means of sharing your thoughts or ideas with a global audience. Operating and communicating on a global scale is now remarkably cheap and easy.

It seems fitting that currencies should be the next in line to be modernised. In a world where we can physically travel anywhere in little amounts of time, or share information freely and cheaply. Why is it that we can not share wealth and value in such an easy fashion? As humans we value freedom and the chance it brings to create new businesses, help others, better ourselves. Humans are much like free flowing water. We travel and follow the path of least resistance until we hit a rock. This rock is then worn down little by little until we can flow again.

Bitcoin is much like free flowing water. It travels with little resistance, unaware of the political and physical borders of the real world it travels across. An apolitical payments network that does not judge or discriminate. Many instinctively recoil at Bitcoin and are saying something like this;

What is this Bitcoin nonsense? How dare you tell me to use a currency that has no borders and will allow for a truly global exchange of value. A programable money that can be automated and will allow me to be my own bank and have more power and freedom is nonsense. Now leave me be so I can watch my government sanctioned TV that tells me there is only one currency and that is one that can only be used in a manner and region that my government sees fit.

Which seems more likely; that humans will stick to a local currency that can only be used in one small part of the world? or adopt to a global currency that is free to move much like we are? Not only is Bitcoin free to move around the world but it allows all to contribute and play fair. The incentive is far bigger to play by the rules than cheat. Compare this to todays monetary systems where the incentive is large enough for those who control the money supply to lie or steal and you can see why Bitcoin is the better system.

A better system was born for the masses in centuries gone by that allowed for the flow and freedom of physical travel and has changed the way we live for the better. As we adopted to these freedoms of travel, we needed a superior system for the exchange of information. A better system called the ‘Internet’ was born and has allowed us to learn more and better ourselves beyond what our parents could have dreamed of just a few decades ago.

We now find ourselves in need of a better system for the transfer of value and wealth. That system could very well be Bitcoin. So too shall the exchange of value flow free like flowing water. Over a dumb network that does not judge. It shall bring the masses opportunities and freedoms that we can not imagine. The only losers are those at the top, the tough rock that thought it was impenetrable to the flowing water. It shall be smoothed down to size and made irrelevant by a free and open network that will bring fairness and transparency to all.

(Photo by Roskodgroovy)

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