An Impression of Bitcoin in Wales – With Daniel Vartanov
June 23, 2015

To continue with the theme of those who are involved in the cryptocurrency setting here in Wales, I have been lucky enough to get Daniel Vartanov to answer back in regards to his thoughts and opinions about Bitcoin and how he feels about being a part of the technological push into cryptocurrencies. I met Daniel at one of my first Bitcoin events held kindly at TechHub. Daniel is a programmer who is extremely enthusiastic about Bitcoin and is a believer in the big effect it could have not just here at Wales but also around the world. Below is Daniel’s thoughts on this technology.

How did you get involved with Bitcoin?

I started to study Bitcoin quite deeply, solely to explain it to other people. I’ve read tons of articles and blog posts, listened to dozens of hours of speeches and lectures just to be able to answer tricky questions about Bitcoin as a currency and Bitcoin as a network and technology.

What inspires you about Bitcoin?

As a programmer, I find bitcoin fascinating because it is a whole field of new opportunities. New careers, new businesses, new field of study and, most importantly, new ways of changing this world into a better place. It is breathtaking how many social and even political problems we can solve with this beautiful mathematical invention.

How do you see Bitcoin helping Wales
For now the Bitcoin community in Wales is a ghost town in comparison to other places where Bitcoin is flourishing, and only we are to fix this.
Bitcoin predominantly has two points of growth: 1. Helping people immediately 2. Making new startups possible
While Wales has access to one of the world’s strongest currencies, I don’t think Bitcoin brings a lot of benefit to people in comparison to the British Pound. Perhaps, international trading over internet is the only field where Bitcoin as a ‘currency’ can give immediate remedy to existing friction of money transfer across borders.
But Bitcoin as a ‘technology’ is a key thing to help Wales, which is hungry for entrepreneurs of the new age. Bitcoin technology attracts hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, into blockchain-based startups. I’d like to emphasize that Blockchain technologies allows people to innovate on top of the Blockchain without asking for permission, just like the internet allows anyone to build a startup without asking “I am going to disrupt your market, if that is okay?”.
Have you anything you wish to add?
Just please, please, please don’t forget that Bitcoin is not just a currency, especially not just a currency that one can speculate on, but is also a technology which opens tremendous opportunities for those who are smart and brave enough to embrace it early.
(Photo by Beth Scupham)
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